Darrelle Revis' phone interview might translate into win for Rex Ryan's NY Jets

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Darrelle Revis' phone interview might translate into win for Rex Ryan's NY Jets

Bài gửi  weishinia on Sat Oct 22, 2011 9:37 pm

The Jets had done arrogance, had done atonement, had done playfulness. They had pretty much run through their entire repertoire during a typical pre-big-game week around here, or so we thought.

Then yesterday, Darrelle Revis pulled some petulance out of the locker, acheap jerseys from china new twist on the old behavioral arc. Revis and Mike Francesa got into it during a WFAN phone interview, Francesa played the bulldog

while Revis covering him tight, played the pit bull. Eventually, a Jets PR guy yanked the plug on the session and only made things a little more embarrassing for everyone.

It was just an extra dash of media mayhem around the Jets, but what we may have learned in the process is that this team, right now, is more sensitive and nervous about a regular-season contest than at any time

since Rex Ryan took over. Their record isn't great, the opponent is imposing, the blackhawks

game is at hand and the Jets are not a happy bunch at the moment.

Maybe this testiness will translate into something good tomorrow. Goodness knows they can use a wake-up call, because they have been sleepwalking through too many first quarters. That's the hope anyway.

Clearly, though, Revis and the Jets were not in the mood for Francesa yesterday, miami heat jerseys

when the talk-show host was being playful, in his way, and Revis was not. The Jets don't like Francesa, who doesn't like Ryan.

Francesa kept goading Revis during the interview, arguing with him about whether he'd interfered with Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall during his game-changing pick this past Monday. Francesa did nothing

wrong, really. He just milked the subject. This was good radio and he knew it. Nothing personal.

Soon, however, it became a bit uncomfortable. Revis was telling nfl jerseys cheapFrancesa he knew nothing about football, and Jared Winley, the Jets PR official, came on the line to advise Revis to hang up the phone. Revis was

only too happy to oblige.

"This is why nobody wants to get interviewed by him," Revis said, before ending the conversation.

Winley graciously apologized later, stating he simply should have asked Francesa to move on to another topic. A lot of people will say that Francesa forced the cornerback into a corner, and there is no doubt

Francesa could have let the matter drop sooner. Revis was perfectly cheap jerseysfine talking about the Marshall play on Wednesday and Thursday with other media. He is always at his locker during open sessions, always


But Francesa was pushing Revis' buttons, just as Revis was getting to Francesa when he said the interviewer knew nothing about football because he wasn't on the field and never played the game.
The Jets hung up, rarely a good idea. Francesa suddenly had himself even better radio. He'd made some news.

That sort of news shouldn't have anything to do with Jets-Chargers tomorrow, but you know what? There is something in the air around the Jets these days, something different, that came out yesterday on live



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